Integrated Logistic

Operates in the field of sea, air and land forward as well as in warehousing, packing and international delivery - distribution; the whole management of above operations is named INTEGRATED LOGISTIC.

The experience of ISCOTRANS in integrated logistic starts since the origins in 1976, and today it covers many personalized operations mostly in cooperation with leading Companies in packaging which are described hereunder:

  • Machinery

    Packing in wooden case/crate, with aluminum bag and dehumidification salts, and following international forwarding handling of machinery of any size, also abnormal measurement and heavy lifts machinery requiring particular skill and experience in halding and lashing - securing on truck/rail car; including management of all documentation (permits, escorts, Bill of lading, packing list, certificates, ...) and in selection of specialized reliable carriers.

  • Industrial Goods

    Integrated management of international distribution, with pick up from various production factories, warehousing in own terminals, packing, - preparation of orders, packing and/or customization of the products, EDI connection to Customer, then national and international forwarding.

  • Import Distribution

    For containerized, break bulk goods as well as cargo in bulk: picking from Supplier abroad, export formalities, forwarding thru italian port of arrival, Custom formalities, attendance at discharge, on-forwarding, personalized delivery and distribution to various Receivers.