Importer Security Filing Data

Importers to the United States are required to submit an importer security filing below to Customs and Border Protection no later than 24 hours before cargo is laden aboard a vessel destined to the United States. C.H. Powell requires the data 72 hours before cargo is loaded.

  1. Seller – last known entity to whom the goods are sold; if no sale than name and address of the owner
  2. Buyer – last known entity to whom the goods are sold; otherwise the owner
  3. Importer of record – The importer of record IRS or EIN number.
  4. Consignee IRS number – EIN or IRS number of the ultimate consignee
  5. Bill of lading number at the lowest level (house bill of lading)
  6. Manufacturer/supplier – the name and address of the last entity that manufactures, assembles, produces or grows the commodity. If not known use the supplier of the finished goods in the country from which the goods are leaving.
  7. Ship to – The first deliver to party that receives the goods after release from Customs.
  8. Country or origin – The country of manufacture, production or growth, based upon the laws, rules and regulations of the U.S.A.
  9. HTS number – The HTS number to the sixth digit. May be reported to the US 10 digit number.
  10. Container stuffing – the physical location where the goods are stuffed.
  11. Consolidator – the party who stuffed the container or arranged for its stuffing
  12. Container Number